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Kay Nielsen's illustrations from: East of the Sun West of the Moon, Red Magic, In Powder and Crinoline, Andersen's Fairy Tales, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Old Tales from the North, The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain, The Three Princesses of Whiteland In addition to book and fairy tale illustrations, Dulac also worked for Disney on animated classic films such as Fantasia.

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Story of a Mother

East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon

Twelve Dancing Princesses / Old Tales from the North

The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain / The Three Princesses of Whiteland

Andersen's Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Tales

In Powder and Crinoline

Arabian Nights

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east o' the sun west o' the moon

red magic

in powder and crinoline

grimm's fairy tales

arabian nights

twelve dancing princesses

old tales from the north

the three princesses in the blue mountains

the three princesses of whiteland

story of a mother

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